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Wīt Essential receives “2020 Top Award Winner” by Dental Advisor


FGM welcomes the new year sharing an important international recognition: Wīt Essential was chosen by the North American agency Dental Advisor as the “Best Take-home Whitening product”. The product was awarded the “2020 Top Award Winner” honor, an accomplishment that strengthens the line of dental whitening products, which is already the sales leader in more than 15 countries.




Being granted the “2020 Top Award Winner” honor is the result of a rigorous analysis process that involves 20 to 30 dental professionals responsible for the analysis of the quality and the efficiency of the product, involving many patient applications.



Wīt Essential stood out in requirements such as viscosity, whitening speed, easiness of application and patient’s satisfaction, with minimal sensitivity.




FGM also received the award by Dental Advisor in 2019 when Wīt Essential was chosen one of the preferred products of the year.




About Dental Advisor

Dental Advisor is known as an authority in the dental field for sharing reliable information on products in that market by combining the clinical experience with laboratorial data to evaluate the performance of materials through time.