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Whitepost System: a dazzling solution has become even better

FGM’s Whitepost fiberglass posts are now Whitepost System! The product line has been updated to optimize the dentist’s user experience and offers an option that follows the trend of using more conservative and less invasive techniques in endodontic treatments.

Smart system: identification through colors.

The Whitepost System fiberglass posts and reamers (drills) now have a color identification system, which facilitates the selection of the posts and ensures the correct correspondence with the reamers (drills) during the procedure.

Designed for safety

Double taper design: allows less wear in preparation of the root canal. It also contributes to the mechanical strength, since it allows the post to have a larger diameter in the cervical region, where it requires the greatest strength.

How to choose the correct diameter for each case

FGM provides you with a guide with 1:1 images of all versions of the posts that can be overlapped on periapical X-rays of the teeth, facilitating the choice for the most suitable model for each case.


High esthetic capacity and light conductivity assists in the light-curing of cement.

Exclusive drill

A drill specific to each post size, providing custom root canal preparation for all conditions.

Double taper design

Superior adaptation to the canal without requiring greater wear of the dental structure.

Maximum safety

Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, reducing the risk of root fracture.


Possibility of radiographic diagnosis.

Silanized surface

Improves the adhesion performance of the pins.