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Wīt HP Maxx

Wīt HP Maxx is a 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for for in-office whitening.

Wīt HP AutoMixx

Wīt HP AutoMixx is a 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for vital teeth. It is presented in a double-body syringe that facilitates product application

Wīt Essential

Wīt Essential is a 10%, 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide-based dental whitening gel for take-home treatment.

Top dam

Top dam is a light-cure composite, which replaces a rubber dam in some cases where relative gum isolation is sufficient.


Arcflex is indicated for any situation where one needs better exposure of the dental arches with the maximum retraction of the lips, cheeks, and with control of the patient’s tongue.

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