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Whitening of vital teeth with Wīt Essential Xtra at 7.5%

Author: Dr. Luís Henrique Fischer

31-year-old male patient.

Chief Complaint

Dissatisfaction with the yellowish shade of his teeth.

Initial Evaluation

After detailed anamnesis and clinical exam, the professional noted good periodontal health and normal aspect of the oral mucosa and absence of cavity lesions.


Initially, the shade of the upper incisive (A3.5) and canine (A4) teeth was taken according to the Vita shade guide, with subsequent photographic recording. The prophylaxis was done with ultrasound, sodium bicarbonate and pumice paste. Next, the molding of the arches was made with alginate and the plaster model was obtained for posterior manufacture of the dental whitening trays using the Wīt plates (5.0×1.0mm). The whitener of choice was Wīt Essential Xtra at 7.5% inside the molding trays in the vestibular faces of the teeth to be whitened.


The recommendation was to use the whitening gel for 45 minutes per day with weekly follow up appointments. The first follow up was carried out after one week of treatment when the whitening to the shade Vita A2 was noted. In the second follow-up appointment, 14 days after the beginning, the patient reported no sensitivity, no incident or discomfort. 21 days after the start, the final shade observed was B1 both for central incisive and canine teeth. The at-home whitening proved excellent efficacy and absence of sensitivity, providing satisfaction and comfort for the patient.

Figs. 1a a 1c Initial aspect of the smile, front smile and with retracted lips, retracted lips with shade check: A3.5 (Vita).

Fig. 2 Dental aspect at the 7-day follow-up appointment: A2 (Vita).

Figs. 3a a 3c Final aspect of the smile, front smile and shade check B1 (Vita). Smile and retracted lips, shade check: B1 (Vita).