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Where to Buy FGM US Products

Present in over 100 countries, FGM US is a leader in dental whitening and synonymous with excellence in the global dental market. In addition to whitening materials, its wide portfolio includes biomaterials, implants, composites, adhesives, cements, fiberglass posts, finishing and polishing materials.

Aware of the market’s and professionals’ needs, FGM Dental Group is committed to providing safety and practicality to every field of dentistry with state-of-the-art products that guarantee effective and surprising results.

It’s Time for Better Whitening Products

Dental whitening techniques have evolved over the years and FGM US has been at the forefront of innovative formulations and delivery methods. Clinicians seeking more effective and more advanced whitening solutions with impressive technical benefits will find that FGM US has the products to suit.

Wīt whitening products use familiar whitening components like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, combined with proprietary gel thickeners with additional compounds to protect teeth from damage and limit symptoms of hypersensitivity.

Beyond whitening products, the implants, composites, posts, adhesives, biomaterials, and a range of finishing and polishing materials mean that dental professionals can get all of their most essential supplies from a single brand, FGM US.


Distributed to the Leading Dental Supply Companies in the United States

Clinicians can order from dental companies that they’re already familiar with. FGM US distributes to the most respected dental supply leaders like Ace Dental Supplies and Pearson® Dental Supply Company.

FGM US products are priced to be competitive with the wider market while providing value-added benefits in the form of improved material handling, better technical properties, and the best patient outcomes.

Products That are Consistent with FGM US Values

FGM US and the wider FGM Dental Group is committed to innovating in the industry, providing solutions that go beyond the status quo. Products are developed over years of research, development, and testing, with clinical studies to support safety and efficacy. Products are of the highest quality, superior value, and innovation is at the heart of FGM US.

This is why FGM US supplies through partners that understand the core values and vision of every FGM Dental Group Product.

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