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Vital teeth whitening

Author: Dr. Maristela Lobo

24-year-old female patient.

Chief complaint: Patient was not satisfied with the esthetic of her smile, especially with the color of her teeth.

Initial evaluation

After the anamnesis, photographs and detailed clinical exam, the systemic and buccal health of the patient was confirmed, without any signs of oral pathologies.

Treatment performed

After prophylaxis with ultrasound and sodium bicarbonate jets, and pumice paste, the shade of the teeth was taken and photographed: A 3 for the anterior upper teeth and A3.5 for the upper canine, when compared to the Vita shade guide.

Then, the molding of the two arches was carried out with alginate to poroduce the plaster models. Over those models, 1.0 mm thick silicone molding trays were manufactured (Wīt FGM). The molding trays were cut 1mm above the gingival level and fitted to check their correct adaptation, retention and comfort.

After the fitting of the molding trays, the patient was instructed to apply a small drop of carbamide peroxide at 22% (Wīt Essential 22% – FGM) on the vestibular faces of the teeth to be whitened. The recommendation was to wear the tray for 1 hour per day, during 14 days, at night.

The patient was monitored weekly and at the end of the treatment, the shades were assessed. The final shade achieved was BL4 for the central incisive teeth and B1 for the canine. The at-home whitening demonstrated an excellent efficacy and absence of sensitivity, bringing satisfaction and comfort to the patient.



Figs. 1a, 1b e 1c Initial aspect: frontal photo, frontal smile and retracted lips.

Figs. 2a Zoom in of the smile

Fig. 2b Right side with retracted lips.

Fig. 2 c Left side with retracted lips.

Figs. 3a, 3b e 3c Upper arch with black contrast. Shade recorded: A3 for upper incisive teeth and A3.5 for upper canine (Vita shade guide).

Figs. 4a, 4b e 4c Final shade achieved: BL4.  Brighter teeth with high value.

Figs. 5a, 5b e 5c Final aspect: frontal photograph, frontal smile and retracted lips.