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Sodium Fluoride

The best desensitizing package (potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride) for the best take-home whitening gel, awarded by Dental Advisor!

FGM has again been granted the international award of best take-home whitening gel with Wīt Essential.

The recognition was granted by the traditional North American clinical evaluation agency Dental Advisor.

Receiving the 2022 Top Award Winner Seal is the result of a rigorous clinical analysis process that involved 31 dentists and 242 applications in patients.

The safety, practicality, desensitizing agents (potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride), quality and action of Wīt Essential were proven for the third consecutive year, with emphasis on the following features:

  • Complete kit;
  • Easy to use;
  • Excellent viscosity;
  • Effective whitening;
  • Contains potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride (desensitizing agents).

In addition, the unique characteristics of the whitening gel, which is present in over 100 countries, were also noted by the evaluators.

About Dental Advisor
Dental Advisor is a reference for dental professionals, as it clinically evaluates dental products in a highly credible ranking. Regarded as “a reliable specialist for dental professionals, with concise, accurate and objective information”, Dental Advisor combines clinical experience with laboratory data. And it seeks to provide dentists with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment.

About Wīt Essential
Wīt Essential is a 16%, and 22% carbamide peroxide-based dental whitening gel for take-home treatment which contains potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride in its formula for greater desensitizing action.

This award-winning product is indicated for whitening of vital teeth using the take-home technique as the carbamide peroxide is an effective and safe whitening product for such treatment in addition to its desensitizing agents (potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride).

Case by Dr. Isabel Giraldez
Wīt Essential also counts on double desensitizing action with the neural action of potassium nitrate and occlusive action of sodium fluoride. Potassium nitrate acts by desensitizing the nerve fibers in the dentin, reducing the eventual sensitivity. With the same objective, sodium fluoride acts by a mechanism of obliteration of dentinal tubules as a way to offer a more comfortable treatment to the patient.

Dentists seeking products that are not only effective but also safe and affordable can consider Wīt Essential with carbamide peroxide and great desensitizing (potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride) for their patients today. Whiter smiles bring benefits in confidence and self-esteem that go far beyond the esthetic results.