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Smiling can make us happier, according to researchers

What used to be a popular advice now has the confirmation of researchers of the A & M University in Texas: smiling can make one feel happier.

In order to get to that conclusion, almost 50 years of data were analyzed in order to identify if facial expressions are capable of making us feel the emotions related to them.

The technique used for the research was meta-analysis, a statistic method that gathers information from two or more independent studies that deal with the same theme, combining its results. In this case, information collected from 138 studies that tested 11 thousand people all over the world were considered.

The result

Researchers inferred that the facial expressions represent a small but significant impact on our emotions. That means that the meta-analysis showed that, when people frowned, it was common for them to feel annoyed. On the other hand, smiling would lead to the feeling of happiness.

The findings help understand how the mind interacts over the body to alter our conscious sensation of emotion. They place us one step closer to understanding how the link between feelings and the body works; on the way to discover how emotions work.

The importance of a smile

The proof that facial expressions interfere with our emotions shows that smiling may be one of the greatest secrets to experience happiness. After all, when we smile and feel good about that, our body and mind, showing the true value of a smile

It is exactly with that motivation that FGM helps people recover their smile and enjoy the best moments and feelings in life, looking forward to being happy.