Your personal information will be used to make your visit to our website as productive and pleasant as possible. The confidentiality of the personal information of the users of our website is of critical importance for FGM. The personal information related to members, customers or visitors to the FGM website are treated according to Law n. 12.965/2014 (Brazil). The use of the FGM’s website presumes the acceptance of that privacy agreement. FGM’s team reserves the right to alter this agreement without notice. Therefore, we recommend the consultation of our privacy policy regularly for updates. In respect to FGM’s best practices, it establishes the security and privacy regulations about the information uploaded by individuals or businesses when using the services available in its website.

  1. Your registration information (personal or corporate), which will include name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and/or other records, will be kept confidential, being linked exclusively to your record and will be used for:
  2. the obtainment of general statistics for the identification of our customer’s profile and the development of our market actions;
  3. maintenance of data and customer relationship actions; as well as for the continuous improvement of FGM’s products;
  • solving issues related to the website;
  1. receiving résumés;
  2. product replacement requests;
  3. information on bids;
  • downloading FGM News Magazine and other marketing materials, as well as clinical case studies;
  • obtainment of information on FGM’s market, as well as its representatives;
  1. clarification on issues about products;
  2. information about FGM’s events;
  3. news on FGM and its products as well as on the dental segment.
  4. FGM guarantees privacy through rigid security and confidentiality standards.
  5. The information inserted will only be shared by FGM when (i) explicitly authorized; (ii) by judicial order; or (iii) by the force of law.
  6. FGM recommends that the website user log off the website window and close the navigation program window when concluding a session. That measure will avoid the navigation through the website by unauthorized persons.
  7. The user, in agreeing with this policy, agrees that no data transmission through the internet is completely secure. That way, in spite of all the rigid security and confidentiality standards adopted by the company to guarantee the protection of the information uploaded to the website, FGM cannot guarantee that the information transmitted will be completely secure during transmission.
  8. FGM is committed to not selling, lending, renting to third parties the information or using it or sharing it in ways from the ones described in this PRIVACY POLICY, without your previous consent.
  9. All the information made available by you may be collected and used by FGM and its subsidiaries, controlled or controlling companies. You may request, at any time, the exclusion and deactivation of your registration at the FGM’s website. Navigation data may be collected by Google or third parties for advertising purposes. Therefore, FGM may use the information obtained through cookies, IP or web beacons to analyze the pages consulted and the searches carried out by the user, improve commercial and promotional initiatives, show publicity or promotions, banners on areas of interest, news about FGM and improve the offer of content, goods and services in this or other sites by Google or third parties. FGM uses Google’s remarketing resources. Users may opt to not allow the use of cookies by Google in its preferences managing tool for ads or other ad networks through the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.
  10. You agree that the obtainment and use, by FGM, of the information supplied by you according to this PRIVACY POLICY, does not configure any violation to the right for privacy and confidentiality, author’s, publicity or any other right related to the protection of personal information. Nevertheless, you are aware that the privacy rights are not dependent and are not the same as intellectual property rights, image rights, honor and reputation rights and other personal rights, and that, not all information supplied to FGM will be protected by those.
  11. FGM is not responsible for damage or problems derived from the delay, interruption or block of data transmission occurred through the internet.
  12. Whenever necessary, you will be able to update the information uploaded through several channels made available by FGM.
  13. The online PRIVACY POLICY may be updated at any moment, as a result of the adoption of new technologies, changes in legislation or security and functioning needs of the website and its potential alterations will always be available in this website, becoming valid as from the date of their publication on the website.
  14. This PRIVACY POLICY does not cancel or substitute other areas that cover confidentiality, privacy, and that involve the relationship between FGM and any users in relation to partnerships, agreements and other relationships.
  15. The present PRIVACY POLICY is ruled by the legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
  16. No wording or illustrations can be copied, scanned or used from this website without the consent of FGM.

For any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us: international@fgm.ind.br