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FGM Dental Group Privacy Policy – April 8, 2021


            This privacy policy contains information about how FGM Dental Group website users’ personal data is treated, totally or partially, in an automatized manner or not. Besides, this policy has the purpose of informing the rights of the user and clarify when and how they can exercise them. Nevertheless, if users still have concerns, our customer service channels indicated in the end are always available for clarifications.

            The FGM Dental Group Privacy Policy – which encompasses its controlling and controlled units, directly or indirectly, as well as its affiliates and partners under its centralized control in Brazil (“FGM Dental Group”) – was created to testify its commitment to always treat its customers’ personal data with security, privacy and transparency, the main objectives of the Brazilian Data Protection Law – LGPD (Law number 13.709/18) – and of the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR –  (EU 679/2016) .

            The General Data Protection Law (“Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados” – LGPD – Law number 13.709/18) is the Brazilian legislation that establishes how a person’s personal data must be collected, treated and even discarded.

The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR (EU 679/2016) – is the regulation of the European legislation about personal data privacy and protection, applicable to all individuals in the European Union and in the European Economic Area.

            Therefore, this Privacy Policy describes which personal data are collected, how they are treated – used, stored and shared – when you access the website, and your rights in relation to those data.

            We recommend a careful reading.

What are personal data?

            Personal data are any pieces of information related to the natural person identified or identifiable, or rather, personal data are those that allow for the identification of a person such as: name, birth date, identification number, localization data and others.

            It is considered identifiable, an individual person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, specially through a reference to a identifying component, such as a name or identifying number, localization, electronic identifiers or one or more specific elements of physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identification of that person.

            If there is information beyond those mentioned, which make it possible to identify a natural person, that will also be considered personal data for having the identifying characteristic.

            Data that have been anonymized (anonymous data) are not considered personal data since upon the realization of that process, it is not possible to identify the holder by any means.

            What is treatment of personal data?

                The treatment of data can be defined as any activity that uses personal information in its operation, be it in the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, or even the mere possession of personal information.

            Who controls my data?

                The controller is the one that is responsible for making decisions about the treatment of personal data. The controller may be a physical person, a firm, and in this case, the controller is formed by the companies that are part of the FGM Dental Group.

            On the obligation of not supplying data of third parties:

                During the use of the website, the customers agree that they must not, under no circumstances, supply data from third parties, under the risk of being held responsible, according to the applicable legislation.

            How we obtain information about you:

                The personal information that we process are supplied directly and voluntarily by you, our customers, for one of the following reasons:

    • Registration data, such as: profession, full name, taxpayer registration number, national ID number, nationality;
    • Contact data such as telephone and e-mail;
    • Additional information such as complete address and your official professional registration number (Odontology Regional Council or other applicable);

                The purpose of the information above is to process the contact between the company and the customer and/or future customer, according to their request, question, suggestion, etc. There are also situations in which the data are supplied by you for the purpose of participating in events and/or promotions, in a virtual or presential way, and to receive communications.

                What happens if you do not supply the data?

                Certain data are essential for the access and use of our services and website always aiming at your benefit.

                Therefore, in case you opt not to supply them, it may be impossible for you to use our services and website.

            On the duration of the treatment of those data?

                Data are maintained only while they are useful for fulfilling the purpose for which they were collected (according to the principle of necessity, following the LGPD), but never beyond twelve months.

                However, there are cases in which we may keep those data for the necessary time to fulfill legal obligations, in which cases, they will not be in use, but stored for an eventual need to fulfill a legal obligation.

            Data sharing:

                In no hypothesis will we sell the data and information that you supply to us. Also, we do not share your data for marketing purposes that are not our company’s own marketing, based on your preferences, which will inform you of possible promotions, events, etc. always aiming at your benefit.

            On the sharing of data for legal purposes:

                There are circumstances in which we are legally obliged to share information, such for the fulfilling of orders and/or legal obligations or cooperation with the national data protection authority.

                For the treatment of data from Brazilian citizens in any of the hypotheses mentioned above, we will have to certify that there is one of the ten legal bases for sharing information according to Article 7 of the LGPD.

For the treatment of data from European users, in any of the hypotheses mentioned above, we will have to certify that there is one of the six legal bases for sharing information according to Article 6 of the GDPR.

            On third party’s links:

                In case an eventual link is supplied to a third-party website, FGM Dental Group is not responsible for the way they will treat data, and this privacy policy does not apply to that situation.

                It is important to note that those third-party websites have their own privacy policies over which we have no control at all. Therefore, we do not have any responsibility or obligation towards that.

             On the security measures for treating users’ personal data:

                We commit to apply technical and organizational measures to protect non-authorized access personal data and in situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or distribution of data.

                Your data are accessible only to authorized professionals, respecting the principles of proportionality, need and relevance for our objectives, besides the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of the privacy in the terms of this policy.

                Also, we commit to treating users’ personal data with the due confidentiality within the legal limits.


                FGM uses Cookies in its platforms and has an external document that treats exclusively this navigation tool, widely used in websites.

            Changes in the Privacy Policy:

                This privacy policy may be changed at any moment, reason why it is important that it is revisited regularly by the used. We may also advise you by e-mail of any alterations that may occur, if you have authorized that procedure.

                The date of the version will always be at the top of the policy. Always that there is an alteration, the previous versions will be available upon request by means of this e-mail:

            Contact us:

                If, after reading this Privacy Policy, you still have doubts, or by any reason, need to communicate with us for matters involving your personal data, you can contact us through the channels below:

  • Section “User Rights” of the website following these steps:

Open the website

At the bottom of the screen, click on “User Rights” and open your request or if you prefer, you can talk to us by e-mail.

DPO manager: E-mail:

We will always be available to clarify your doubts and have you in control of your personal data.

            On the Legislation and Jurisdiction:

                This Privacy Policy and the consequent relations of the actions here established, as well as any dispute that may occur due to this document will be exclusively regulated by the Brazilian legislation.

                The Jurisdiction of the City of Joinville, SC, Brazil is the chosen jurisdiction for any legal issue involving the present document.

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