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Myths and facts about teeth whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, many questions arise and we have plenty of information available out there. However, what is myth and fact about whitening?

We have listed below the main myths and facts for you to have no more doubts. Check out!

1: Coffee, wine, soft drinks and food coloring must be avoided during/after treatment.

Myth! Studies indicated that there are no reasons for dietary restrictions during and/or after whitening if a quality product is used and the treatment is done appropriately.

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2: It is possible to treat patients that smoke.

Fact! Smokers or non-smokers reach the same dental whitening results according to studies. The habit, however, affects the results in the long term, since it tends to make teeth yellower. Correct prophylaxis and oral hygiene help to maintain the good results.

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3: It is necessary to use light for whitening treatments.

Myth! The use of light during whitening treatments in the clinic does not improve results and does not lead to color change, independently from the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used and type of light. Also, the light increases the risk of sensitivity and pain during whitening treatments. Therefore, dentists must use the light-activated systems very carefully or completely avoid it during treatment.

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4: Coal, dental pastes, mouth wash and whitening stripes are efficient to whiten teeth.

Myth! Toothpaste, mouth wash, chewing gum, among others, are not whitening products, therefore, they do not whiten teeth. Those items may help just the maintenance of results for acting in the dental hygiene and prophylaxis. Products with coal are just dental abrasives, and do not whiten teeth either and, according to studies, may be prejudicial to the dental structure.

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5: Dental whitening treatments carried out in the clinic are not stable.

Myth! Currently available whiteners, even with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, are more alkaline and maintain the pH stable, specially those which do not require the substitution of the gel. That characteristic minimizes the demineralization of the enamel which, besides preventing sensitivity, resulting in more longevity of the whitening.

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Content based on the lesson by Prof. Alessandro Loguércio and Prof. Alessandra Reis.

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