FGM’s whitener gel wins Dental Advisor quality award

Dental Advisor has granted the “preferred product” seal of 2019 to the at- home-whitening gel Wīt Essential (a.k.a. Whiteness Perfect), sales leader of the company.

The rigid process that supports Dental Advisor’s ranking involved 31 consultants who analyzed the product after 242 applications in patients. The Brazilian whitener stood out for items such as its viscosity, whitening speed, easy application and patient’s satisfaction with minimum dental sensitivity. The consultants were also impressed by the good presentation of the kit “with a lot of material and everything you need”, and “excellent results”.

Dental Advisor is known as a “reliable specialist for dental professionals all over the world, with concise, precise and objective information”, combining clinical experience with laboratorial data and reporting the performance of materials in the long term. The publication aims at supplying professionals with information based on evidences and that are clinically relevant about dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment.

With 30% of its sales concentrated in exports, present in more than 100 countries, FGM has already been granted other credentials that certify the quality of its products. It is the case of the Obelis seal and the CPNP certificates (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) and RP (Responsible Person), for European countries, besides the CE – which indicates conformity with medical requirements, according to European directives -, ISO 13.485 (health products Quality Management System), and of the Brazilian Anvisa Certification of Good Manufacture Practices (CBPF).

About FGM

FGM is a reference on the international dental market, manufacturing over 300 items such as dental whiteners, composites, cements, fiber glass posts, implants, biomaterials, restoration finishing and polishing materials, CAD/CAM blocks, etc.

FGM products have transformed millions of smiles in over 100 countries in America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and in the European Community. To broaden its presence, the company is constantly investing in Research and Development, maintaining a close relationship with renowned universities and excellence national and international research centers.

FGM Produtos Odontologicos Press Advisory Office