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FGM Dental Group, a brand strengthening its global presence

FGM Dental Group has been expanding its presence in the international market.

Today, 30% of production is exported and the company’s offerings are sold in over 100 countries, a list that keeps growing. FGM’s growth in the export sector, in 2022 compared to 2020, was 153%, and growth in shipments was 59% during the same period. To ensure this expansion, the company from Santa Catarina invests in its strong presence at international fairs and, in 2022, launched sales and marketing strategies focused on the United States.

This substantial international market growth is due to consistent investments in new solutions and products, explains the CEO of FGM Bianca Mittelstädt.

In addition to opening new markets, FGM is also working to increase its portfolio where it is already present. Preparing to work in foreign countries involves marketing, logistical and team structuring issues. As they are healthcare products, they also undergo regulatory processes, with submission to evaluations similar to, or sometimes even more rigid than, those of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), as is the case of CE (European Conformity), ISO 13485 certifications, American FDA regulatory agency approval (Food and Drugs Administration), in addition to the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) certificates, with which FGM can meet the requirements of several countries, such as USA (FDA) and Canada (Health Canada).

The company also exports composites to several countries. These are products that combine two or more distinct materials, with the aim of forming a third material of superior quality.

This substantial growth in the international market is a result of consistent investments in new solutions and products. Bianca Mittelstädt – CEO of FGM

FGM’s presence at the 26th AEEDC in the United Arab Emirates.
FGM’s presence at the 26th AEEDC in the United Arab Emirates.

Presence in exhibitions around the world

In 2022, FGM participated in 200 events. Among them international exhibitions, congresses, forums and training. Events were held in countries such as India, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, United States, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Philippines, Pakistan and Russia.

“We seek to consolidate the brand locally and globally as well as maintain a 30% average growth per year, so the presence in exhibitions contributes to the growth strategy”, adds CEO Bianca Mittelstädt.

In the 26th edition of AEEDC – International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition, in Dubai alone, 155 countries participated with an estimated public of around 55,000 visitors, during the three-day event. FGM participated in the event for the fourth time with its team and its wide portfolio of Dentistry and Implants, which include more than 400 products in various applications, such as: whitening gels, biomaterials, implants, adhesives, cements, fiberglass posts as well as finishing and polishing materials. The brand’s presence abroad has increased year after year and the goal is to further expand shipments around the world.

“In 2019, FGM exported 17% of the total volume produced, today we have approximately 30% and have the goal of, in five years, reaching an international participation between 40% and 45% of the total”, confirms the CFO of FGM, Rafael Manzoli Morita.

Stand en IDEX en Istambul, Turquia.
Stand en IDEX en Istambul, Turquia.

FGM in the United States

The global dental market is expected to move almost R$181.16 billion by 2023, which represents a 5.59% increase in the sector since 2018, according to a study carried out by Research and Market. According to data from the Brazilian Medical, Dental and Hospital Industry Association (ABIMO), growth in the dental implant sector is around 15% in Brazil. On the rise, the dentistry giants are diving into new ways to connect with their audience, exploring diverse channels and creating experiences that result in a more complete consumer journey. Aware of the scenario, FGM Dental Group established, at the end of 2021, its own warehouse, sales and marketing o¡ce as well as its own e-commerce in the United States. “FGM’s expectations for the United States are to improve the level of services, work with data-driven marketing efforts and, gradually, participate even more in dental shows, congresses and strengthen its presence in North American universities”, explains Mr. Morita.

E-commerce in the United States.

E-commerce in the United States.