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Diastema closure with Vittra APS Unique

Author: Dr. Carlos Eduardo Agostini Balbinot

Male patient, 17 years old.


Dissatisfaction with the smile due to the presence of diastema between the upper central incisors.


Prophylaxis with pumice and a restorative test with the Vittra APS Unique universal chroma composite were performed, without isolation of the operating field and without previous adhesive procedure. This was done so that the patient could evaluate the intended result relative to both the alteration in shape and color of the restorations. After the patient agreed with the proposed treatment, modified absolute isolation of the operating field was performed, as well as the execution of an adhesive procedure with total acid etching of tooth 21 with 37% phosphoric acid Condac 37, application of the Ambar APS adhesive system, photopolymerization for 10 seconds, and insertion of the Vittra APS Unique composite. After the photopolymerization of the last composite increment used on tooth 21, the finishing was performed with Diamond Pro sandpaper disks and polishing with abrasive rubber, a Diamond Flex felt disk, and the Diamond Excel polishing paste. Once the restoration of tooth 21 was finalized, the restoration of tooth 11 was carried out following the same technical sequence and using pulled polyester matrix strip to obtain a smooth proximal surface and appropriate contact with tooth 21. After the finalization of the restoration of tooth 11, the finishing and polishing procedures were performed, and the patient was scheduled for assessment in 7 days.

Fig 1 Initial aspect of the smile

Fig 2 Initial intraoral aspect with contrast.

Fig 3 Modified absolute isolation of the operating field.

Fig 4 Protection of the adjacent teeth with TEFLON for performing the adhesive procedure on tooth.

Fig 5  Vittra APS Unique before the photopolymerization.

Fig 6 Vittra APS Unique after the photopolymerization

Fig 7 Restoration of tooth 21 after finishing with Diamond Pro sandpaper disk

Fig 9 Aspect after the insertion of the Vittra APS Unique composite on tooth 11

Fig 10 Immediate intraoral finish with contrast

Fig 11 Intraoral finish with contrast after 7 days

Fig 12 Final aspect of the smile after 7 days.