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DC Fit 0.4: The evolution of design in fiberglass posts

Currently, prevention and more conservative techniques are the main trend, we find that endodontic treatments have increasingly resulted in minimally invasive processes.

In this context, and to contribute to this trend, the Whitepost DC FIT 0.4 Post was developed, another size and design option that aims to directly meet the most conservative cases of endodontics, mostly without the need for additional wear from reamers (drills) directly on the canal produced with endodontic files.

The new DC FIT 0.4 Post has a similar design to the other DC posts, but with different dimensioning. The apical portion is longer and thinner, the median cone is much shorter, and the cervical portion holds the mechanical strength characteristics that the region requires, equivalent to the strength of a DC 1 post. See the image on the side.

Unique and modern design:

  • Maximum strength and safety
  • Longer and thinner apical portion.
  • Shorter median cone.
  • Cervical portion with the mechanical strength that the region requires.
  • Compatible with the most modern endodontic files on the market.