Combination of techniques for esthetic restorations

Initical aspect

Authors: Dr. Leandro Martins, MSc. Verônica Abbud, Dr. Luciana Mendonça


22-year-old female patient presented dissatisfaction with color, stains and space between teeth. Good periodontal health was verified, but the upper anterior teeth had white spots, darkening and diastema between the central teeth.



The treatment was planned to start with microabrasion to remove the stains and then external whitening. After 14 days of the external whitening session, the restoration was performed in order to avoid damage to the adhesion. To complete the esthetic rehabilitation, the closure of the diastema was performed with the composite Vittra APS (FGM) on the mesial of the central incisors through the “front wing” technique



Initical aspect
Initical aspect

Initial clinical situation showing white spots on the cervical and incisal thirds and the diastema between the upper central incisors.


The treatment started with microabrasion and shade taking of the central incisors and canines.

During whitening

Appearance after two microabrasion sessions and beginning of the in-office whitening with Wīt HP Maxx (hydrogen peroxide at 35%).

After whitening

Result after 14 days of the whitening session.

Total isolation
Acid etching

After total isolation, the teeth were ecthed and the composite was applied to the vestibular face, giving it the desired shape and then completing the restoration.


Protection of the finished element and composite application to tooth 21 to complete the closing of the diastema.


Finishing with flexible sand disks, diamond polishing paste and flexible felt disks.

Initical aspect
Final aspect

Initial and final appearance of the case.