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Allcem Core

Allcem Core is a dual-cure resin cement that can fulfill 3 procedures in 1 product due to its high strength and viscosity. The cement allows cementation of posts and is also used for core build-ups.


Allcem Veneer APS is a light-cure resin cement for cementation of ceramic no-prep or minimal preparation veneers. It contains in its formula the APS, FGM exclusive polymerization system, which guarantees a more powerful polymerization with imperceptible color and very low opacity change before and after light curing.


Allcem Veneer Try-in is a color proof paste that mimics the color of the resin cement Allcem Veneer after light curing

Innovative Dental Cements from FGM Dental Group

How important is the quality of your dental cement? In your own experience, you know that it’s one of the most critical elements of any restoration or esthetic procedure.

Dental cement needs to be safe for the patient, provide easy handling for the clinician, and offer the strength and adhesion that results in long-term positive patient outcomes. Dental cements from FGM Dental Group are developed from extensive research and testing to ensure their suitability for the most demanding procedures.

Innovative Dental Cement Options

We have developed two unique types of dental cement suited to some of the most common esthetic and restorative procedures performed in the United States.

Allcem Veneer APS is preferred by dentists for cementation of no-prep veneers and veneers made from ceramic or composite resin. It offers a greater working time compared to traditional cement, allowing for complete accuracy and stress-free application.

We also offer the always reliable Allcem Core, a dual resin dental cement that is suited to the cementation of indirect restorations like inlays, onlays, and overlays, prosthetic crowns, intraradicular posts, and for crown preparation and build up. The innovative dual-curing process ensures that the cement cures even in areas where light penetration isn’t possible.

FGM Dental Group cements are preferred by the most discerning dentists in more than 100 countries around the globe. Browse our Veneer APS, Core cement, or Allcem Veneer Try-in for color matching today. Dental cement samples are available to qualified practitioners. Contact us today to learn more. 


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