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Ambar Universal APS adhesive: approved and awarded by Dental Advisor


Ambar Universal APS dental adhesive by FGM Dental Group was highly appraised in the clinical evaluations for the last edition of Dental Advisor, a publication specialized in the evaluation of dental products which serves as a reliable source for professionals all over the world.

Dental Advisor reports objective clinical evaluations, makes product comparisons, publishes comprehensive studies on long term clinical performance and shows the unbiased results of laboratorial tests. In the market since 1984, it was the first scientific publication of its kind, its credibility for the segment has been maintained to the present day.

FGM quality recognized worldwide

The Ambar Universal APS adhesive had 32 clinical evaluators, was used more than 750 times and was awarded the clinical classification of 91% which represented four stars and a half out of five, the maximum classification. Its use was carried out through different protocols of acid etching (self-etching, selective etching on enamel or total etching) and in different surfaces. “The universal applications o Ambar make it adequate for several clinical situations”, pointed out one of the evaluators.

The exclusive APS system had excellent performance at any level of dentin humidity and stood out in the intra-canal applications. The adhesive is practically colorless, which is ideal for the esthetic restorations or cementations, besides being compatible with dual resinous cements, self-polymerizable or photopolymerizable. “The exclusive APS technology (Advance Polymerization System) by FGM brought to Ambar greater polymerization efficiency, the colorless look and the increase in the adhesive capacity”, says Dr. Alessandro Loguercio – Master in Esthetic Dentistry and Doctor in Dental Materials.

FGM’s Ambar adhesive was the first in the Brazilian market to count on MDP in its composition. The benefit of that active ingredient is the increase in bonding resistance and the improvement of the stability of the adhesive layer, which grants the products of the whole line superior and long-lasting adhesive resistance.