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The trademark of your smile

FGM works hard so people from all over the world can smile more and better.

FGM Dental Group works hard so people from all over the world can smile more and better. The company’s history began in 1996 with the development of the first genuine Brazilian dental whitening gel, the now world-renowned Whiteness.  Since then, a lot has changed, but the essence is the same: we are the trademark of your smile.

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Supported by science, FGM Dental Group is constantly innovating to add advanced solutions to its portfolio.

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The FGM Dental Group goes beyond borders and is present all over the world.

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Professionals Reached

Knowledge and experiences with students and dentists at approximately 2,000 events annually.


FGM Dental Group aims at providing safe and innovative solutions for dentists, promoting oral health and esthetics for consumers.


Innovation: FGM Dental Group goes beyond.

Performance: Ability to achieve excellent results, generating customer satisfaction by delivering state-of-the-art and reliable products and services;

Passion Passionate people driven by the purpose of transforming smiles and committed to the best practices and results, spreading constructive attitudes;


FGM Dental Group goal is to be among the top global brands that offer better dental solutions.

Scientific basis: Scientific studies that prove the efficacy and safety of the products.

Agility: A culture of responding quickly to changes.

Quality Policy

FGM Dental Group is continually committed to meeting stakeholder expectations, engaged in:

  • Disseminating technical and scientific knowledge.
  • Encouraging continuous – process improvement to promote business excellence.
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions, in a sustainable way, protecting the environment and available natural resources.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Ensuring brand awareness in the dental market.


Discover our history

Since 1995, conquering space in dentistry

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With thorough technical knowledge, the chemistry student Friedrich Mittelstädt developed the first 100% national dental whitening gel in Brazil. Visionary and with commercial skills, Bianca Mittelstädt transformed this into a business opportunity. Between 1993 and 1995, the couple dedicated to the development of the product, as well as to the tests and validations. This is how the Whiteness dental whitening line was born.


An innovative product needs a value brand. Soon, FGM Dental Group is created along with its first industrial plant, which was inaugurated in Joinville (SC), with 130m².


FGM Dental Group becomes leader in sales of dental whitening gels in Brazil.


With the growing demand, FGM Dental Group invests in the expansion of its facilities. Today it has over 5,000m² distributed in 3 manufacturing parks and 1 logistics center, in Joinville/SC (Brazil). As a result, the processes and the manufacturing flow improves and the team increases: more than 400 professionals are a part of FGM team.


FGM Dental Group expands its portfolio with the launch of Whitepost fiberglass posts. The following year, it introduced the composite line to the market. With constant innovation, FGM prioritizes the product diversification.


FGM Dental Group participated in IDS, the largest international dental show in the world, in Germany. The businessmen Friedrich and Bianca started the journey to conquer markets outside Latin America.


FGM Dental Group launched a unique photopolymerization technology, called APS, which provides amazing features and results to its products.


After investing for 6 years in research and development, FGM Dental Group entered the market of implants and bone grafting.


FGM team, with the support of research centers, continues focused on the development of new solutions. Based on innovation and scientific studies, the company offers better dental products at affordable prices, benefiting professionals and patients.


Innovation, quality, science, performance, satisfaction, agility… These are the core values of FGM and we incorporate these into every product and decision made within our business.

A beautiful and healthy smile radiants confidence and breaks down the barriers that prevent people from achieving their best in any social or professional scenario. Healthy smiles come from great practitioners and the best dental products from FGM.

FGM supplies a range of highly innovative dental supplies to practitioners in the United States, with options ranging from whitening products to composites for restoration and esthetic procedures, cements for complex procedures, bonding supplies, fiber composite posts, and orthodontic resins.

It’s our unrelenting pursuit of excellence that keeps FGM moving forward, from our earliest days developing the first Brazilian dental whitening gel to our advanced FGM Wīt whitening solutions that are preferred by more than 40,000 professionals in over 100 countries today.

As a practitioner, you insist on products that are reliable yet competitively priced. You want verified safe solutions that won’t put your patients at risk. FGM specialist dental products meet the highest industry and regulatory standards of compliance and we are completely transparent with both our literature and extensive case studies so that you can make informed decisions. Products are efficient and priced to be affordable for the average practice.

When you need reliability there is simply no better brand for your whitening products, dental cement, and specialist composite materials. FGM continues to push the boundaries in ways that are moving the industry forward. Experience the difference with a company that is committed to producing America’s most beautiful and healthiest smiles, while helping every practice to achieve new levels of success.

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